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Barbara J. Lee, O.D.

Dr. Lee comes from a small town in Nebraska and attended Mount Marty College in South Dakota, graduating cum laude with a bachelors in Chemistry. She attended graduate school in Oregon at Pacific University where she graduated with honors in her doctorate degree.

Since graduating in 1992, she has practiced in the Phoenix area all but four years of her career, having also practiced for shorter periods in Nebraska and Minnesota. She’ll always be a Husker no matter where she is though.

Dr. Lee has offered a wide range of optometric care over the years of her career. Initially specializing in pediatric optometry, she has worked with a broad range of ocular diseases, closely working with ophthalmologists, helped patients with contact lens and spectacle corrections of all kinds, and always has time for emergency visits.

She has a special interest in developmental vision which involves the binocular vision and convergence abilities that affect how the eyes team together to create depth perception and less visual confusion; the tolerance of the accommodative demands on the eyes with close work and screen time; the ability to refocus at different distances. Though she no longer does full vision therapy, she focuses on giving direction with the use of simple tools, like basic eye exercises, or co-management if necessary with vision therapy professionals in the area. The first step is getting the proper diagnosis and then a plan on where to go from there.

Dr. Lee uses American Sign Language with deaf patients that use it, though she always strives to become more fluent.

With her husband, Eric, Barbara loves walking their dogs, Daisy and Peanut every day at dawn, going for hikes, heading up north for the weekend, and traveling just about anywhere. She’s an avid reader and wears Harry Potter socks regularly to see what Potter fans notice their Gryffindor insignia or the number 9 ¾. She’s been writing books of her own, novels, which she hopes to publish in the near future. She’s a huge animal lover, leading to their most recent adoption of a seventeen year old dog (Mocha) who was losing her home. They had Mocha for the last six months of her life and miss her. Their next adoption will be of another senior needing a home. She has volunteered at the Arizona Humane Society and raises money for various rescues.