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Visual Fields

In everyday living, we do not pay attention to the width of our vision, as we typically pay attention to what is right in front of us.

Our advanced technology provides Dr. Factor and Dr. Lang with the tools to ensure that patients receive the complete diagnostic care required.

Two different ethnic men's eyes closeup

Visual field assessment is vital because it provides the doctor with pertinent information when diagnosing lesions of the visual pathway, retinal lesions and glaucoma.
Here is a glimpse into some of the visual field assessments and measurements taken at Dr. Factor and Dr. Lang’s optometry clinic:

Corneal Topography: A Measurement of the anterior surface of the cornea that provides a color-coded mapping of the cornea’s shape, this information allows the doctor to follow any corneal changes and aides in the fitting of contact lenses.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): An imaging testing that provides detailed images of the layers in the optic nerve and retina.
Optomap Imaging: An ultra-wide view of the retina that enhances our doctor’s ability to detect even the slightest sign of disease that appears in your retina. Seeing most of your retina all at once allows more time to review the images received and educate you about the health of your eyes.