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Cosmetics Advice for Lens Wearers from your Phoenix, AZ Eye Doctor

If you use contacts there are a number of precautions that should be taken when it comes to using makeup. Below are some basic tips on how to be sure you keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

Purchasing Cosmetics

First of all, eye care professionals recommend you buy only cosmetics that are oil free and fragrance free. Further, to avoid peeling and smearing, which could end up bothering your lenses, buy water-resistant mascara and eyeliner. Finally you should switch eye makeup at regular intervals - ideally switch mascara every month, eyeliner every 3 months and eye shadows after half a year.

How to Safely Apply Cosmetics

Be certain to rinse your hands thoroughly prior to inserting your contacts. Apply all eye makeup carefully so you don't damage your contact lenses. Don't touch a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and apply mascara from the midpoint of the lashes as opposed to the bottom near the lid. Never use someone else’s makeup or put makeup on when the eyes are red or infected.

Another important tip is to clean off eye makeup daily with hypoallergenic, oil-free cleanser. Don't forget to take out lenses before removing cosmetics.

Taking proper care in applying makeup during contact use can prevent irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes and damage to lenses.

If your eyes become red or infected don't put on makeup. Don't hesitate to call your optometrist if you experience any redness, pain, or irritation. Our Phoenix, AZ eye doctor can assist you with any contact lens issues that you may be having.